Life Design Coach Terms & Conditions

Please thoroughly read the below terms & conditions of working with  your coach. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask prior to commencing your sessions.



  • After the initial free consultation there is NO obligation to book any continued sessions if you do not feel the coaching process is for you at this time.

If you do choose to proceed the below is the basis our practice with clients:


  • Payment for sessions is due at least 24 hours prior to your first official session.
  • Block session packages are non-refundable once the coaching has commenced.
  • You are making a commitment to the agreed amount of sessions when opting for a block discounted package after the initial consultation.
  • It is the clients responsibility to maintain the commitment to the original agreed package. Your coach will go through the options with you at your consultation. Your coach will not suggest more sessions than they believe will be worthwhile for you.
  • Session cancellations & re-scheduling are required to be made at least 24 hours prior to the day & time of your scheduled session with your coach.
  • If you cancel or re-schedule within 24 hours of your agreed session date & time 50% of the fee will be non-refundable.


  • At Life Design Coach we work honestly and openly with our clients. If after the initial session or future sessions your coach believes you would benefit more from an alternative / more specialised therapy they will let you know & will be more than willing to recommend and liaise with other therapists to arrange their services if you agree (we do not take commission fee’s from referrals – we work solely for our clients welfare to get the best outcomes possible). We can also work well in conjunction with other therapies or specialists you may be seeing.
  • Confidentiality is of the upmost importance with clients. Your coach will never disclose or discuss anything from our sessions with anyone outside of the Life Design Coach practice (unless you are deemed to be at risk to yourself or others - your coach will be very clear with you if they feel they have to talk to an external party about anything disclosed). Your coach may from time to time discuss the process with their supervisor, this is to ensure that we are giving you the best service throughout the process. 
  • We will stick to the time and length boundaries of our sessions (typically 1 hour). Your coach will notify you when we are approaching the agreed finish time.
  • Your coach will use many different techniques, most of which you will do together, there will be set tasking for you to do in your free time before your next session or ongoing. In order to get the most of our your journey with Life Design Coach make a commitment to yourself to complete all tasks given. 
  • Please make sure you ask as many questions about anything that you want, you need to be 100% comfortable with me, the tasks, techniques and ideas presented to you.
  • This is a journey, one that will continue after you leave each session. We typically recommend 3-6 sessions depending on where you are at, what you are facing and the process that we will adapt to your needs. 



How often do we meet?

The intensity of the one to one coaching will depend on your current needs and how we progress through the process. For the first 2-3 sessions I usually recommend weekly meetings to gain quick learning, consistency & momentum for change. We will assess progress at each session and can be move meetings to once every 2-3 weeks if progress outside of the coaching is consistent.


what techniques will you use for me?

At Life Design Coach we only use techniques which have been consistently successful with our clients. Everyone and their situation is very different, therefore the techniques used will depend on your situation. 

Your coach will fully explain every process and get your agreement prior to proceeding. Some of the techniques involve:

  • LEARNING! Everything we practice we will explain to you the theories behind it so that you process it not only on a sub-conscious but a conscious level to use for the rest of your life!
  • Personal Development - take responsibility, set boundaries, understand your core drivers, accept yourself and make how you live your life an authentic choice.
  • Reframing - offering alternative ways to process situations and events which are negatively affecting you or causing you stress.
  • Pattern change - eliciting and changing negative patterns which hinder you moving forward.
  • Timeline Work - a relaxation method whereby we instil positive beliefs into past situations which have affected you negatively (getting rid of negative self beliefs) and projecting into the future new learnings and ways of being. This is very powerful. A full explanation will be given face to face in accordance with your situation.
  • Creative and practical future planning - establishing goals, values, future plans and creating a map of how to get there (life and career)
  • TASKING - you will be tasked with mind and practical exercises in between each session to ensure the process is consistent and change happens quickly!

These are just a few of the key techniques which we use and are tailored specifically to you and your needs. This is not extensive and other methods will be discussed if deemed appropriate.


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