6 simple ways to break bad habits

1. Understand what triggers your habits

Understanding what triggers your habits is crucial to pushing back against impulsive behavior. Anything could trigger a bad habit, perhaps you eat ice cream when you feel sad or turn to cigarettes when you’re feeling stressed. Remember an emotion, place, person or time of day could be the trigger for your habit.

2. Define the new behavior you wish to develop

Whatever your habit, chances are that there is a healthy habit you can replace it with. Consider leaving a reminder for yourself somewhere you will see every day to jump start the formation of a new habit.

3.Make tiny changes

Researchers have found it takes an average of sixty-six days to form a habit. So, when embarking on any new lifestyle change the key is to be patient and give yourself grace when you slip up. One small slip up doesn’t completely derail the progress you have made and it is important to remember by making small incremental changes you are working towards your goal of developing lifelong healthy habits.   

4.Have a substitute plan in place

Substituting can be an excellent way to tackle changing a habit. Whatever the habit, think of substitute plan that you can put in place. That way when the urge strikes you are prepared with something else you can do as an alternative to the bad habit.

5.Get support

Supports can be huge asset when you are attempting break a bad habit. Get a fitness buddy, or get your family onside with your healthy eating habit, you may even consider seeking professional help such as life coaching to assist you in kicking the habit for good.

6. Reward yourself for successfully making a change

When you look back on a bad habit that you have successfully stopped, reward yourself for making a positive change. Acknowledging your own success and progress and giving yourself probs for a job well done will further cermet the positive change you have made in your life.